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Frequently asked questions

If I buy a vehicle on auction and it needs to be towed away will the auctioneer pay the towing expenses?

No. Once you bid on an item and it has been knocked down to you as the successful buyer, it becomes your item and your responsibility.No. Once you bid on an item and it has been knocked down to you as the successful buyer, it becomes your item and your responsibility.

Can I return the items purchased at an auction if I am no longer interested in the items?

Unfortunately, no you cannot. All items sold on auction are sold “voetstoets” meaning they are sold as they are and no returns are accepted.

What is a reserve price?

A reserve price is a minimum price that the seller is willing to accept for an item. If the bidding doesn't reach this price, they are not obligated to sell the item.

Do all the items on auction have a reserve price?

Most items on auction are sold with a reserve price, but not all of them. Should the highest bidder at the auction not meet the reserve price then the seller has an option to either accept or reject the final bid.

What can I do if I want to bid but cannot be at the auction site?

We recommend that prospective buyers attend the auction personally but in cases where it is not possible to attend we have a facility available where buyers participate via proxy (where someone bids on your behalf) or via telephone. If you choose to use the proxy bidding process your representative will be required to bring ID copy of the bidder, proof of residence and the signed authorisation form. (Proxy bidding forms are available on request).

Do I get my deposit back after the auction?

Yes, you do, but only if you did not make any purchase. You will forfeit your deposit if you purchase and fail to pay for the items purchased at the specified time.

Can I bid and pay month–end or pay in instalments?

Unfortunately no, you cannot. You can only bid and pay on the same day of the auction.

What is a buyer number?

After registering and paying the deposit you will be issued with a card that will have a number that you will use to bid. This is what is known as your bid or buyer number.

How do I know which items are on auction?

Catalogues or lists of items on auction with the lot numbers are made available at least 1 day before the auction. You can also view the list online on our "Auction Info" calendar.

Can I obtain help in bidding?

There are always auctioneers and other members of staff who will be happy to assist you with bidding and guide you through the auction process once you arrive. Alternatively, you can contact us with any other questions you may have.